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Which Upholstery is Best?

Which Upholstery is Best?

When choosing upholstered furniture for your home, typically homeowners only consider two things: price and design. Although personal style is very important, other factors are crucial to consider, such as durability and ability to clean. And when it comes to upholstery, the options are endless! Upholstery is an investment, so you will want to choose something that will last for the long haul. Do you have kids? Pets? Frequent guests? Upholstery is vulnerable to wear and tear. To help you get more bang for your buck, we hope to share with you some insightful information that will help you choose the perfect upholstery for you and your home.

Best Upholstery For Dogs

Dogs and pets can be rough on furniture. The biggest thing to look for when deciding on upholstery with pets is to find something resistant to scratches, stains, and dirt. It would also be wise to opt for a tightly-knit fabric because it makes it more difficult for hair to get stuck in the fibers. Avoid delicate fabrics like velvet or silk. Some great upholstery options for dogs are microfiber and leather. They both are extremely durable and resistant to scratches. Outdoor fabrics are also great for pets because they are sturdy and resistant to moisture.

Best Upholstery for Kids

Sometimes, kids can be even messier than pets! To children, couches and upholstered furniture are more like kitchen tables or even jungle gyms! It is crucial to select upholstery that can withstand that kind of daily wear and tear. Just like for pets, microfiber and leather upholstery are also great options for homes with children. Vinyl is another durable option that has more of a high-end look.

Easiest Upholstery to Clean

Any normal household has its fair share of accidents, messes, and spills. If you are wondering if upholstery that can be cleaned easily even exists, we have great news for you! Polyester, leather, nylon, and acrylic are a few durable and easy to clean fabrics. Leather is also moisture resistant and easy to wipe down. Choosing materials that make upholstery cleaning easier can make life easier for anyone.

Most Comfortable Upholstery

Most fabric sofas can provide an already "broken-in" feel that makes them much more comfortable for lounging and visiting. Fabrics such as cotton, denim, rayon, and linen will give you this feel. Keep in mind that some fabrics are less durable than others and meant for low-traffic homes.

Best Upholstery Cleaner

There is no shortage of upholstery fabrics to choose from; there is something for everyone! That being said, not all upholstery can be cleaned the same. Some fabrics are more durable, while others are more delicate. Some carpet cleaners can stain or discolor the fabric, while others are completely water-soluble.

Regardless of the upholstery you choose, our last tip to you would be to invest in professional upholstery cleaning. Non-toxic cleaning can help maintain the life of your upholstery and help it look and feel newer for longer! If you do not know how to clean a couch, our professional technicians at Zerorez® Cincinnati have got you covered. We believe in cleaning without soaps, detergents, or harmful chemicals. Our patented cleaning process leaves behind absolutely No Residue®, making it safe for your kids, pets, and the environment! Before you grab a random couch cleaner or sofa cleaner from your cupboard, opt for safe cleaning with Zerorez®!

Schedule an upholstery cleaning appointment today with Zerorez® Cincinnati! Your upholstery will thank you.