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Air Duct Cleaning Cincinnati, OH

Air Duct Cleaning Cincinnati, OH

Zerorez® offers the most advanced air duct cleaning system available. Along with our air duct cleaning, we offer a special treatment that is designed to treat harmful substances on the interior surface of your air duct system. This service is essential to the safety of every home and is included with every duct cleaning service.

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1 in 5 Americans suffer from poor air quality in their home and office.

HVAC systems carry harmful particulates and promote asthma, hay fever, and allergy symptoms. A clean HVAC system promotes a healthier indoor environment, which contributes to productivity, comfort and a sense of health and well being.

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Powerful Whip Line Cleaning System

Our powerful truck mounted unit delivers the most effective air duct cleaning available by using a powerful whip line sent down each vent coupled with a vacuum system using over 15,000 cfm.

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You'll breathe easier™ and enjoy a cleaner indoor environment after having your ventilation system professionally cleaned by Zerorez®.

Cleaning Dryer Vents and Air Ducts

Taking good care of your air ducts and dryer ducts by cleaning them is essential for both health benefits and safety reasons. Dirty ducts that have not been cleaned receive excessive build-up of lint, dust, dirt, and other dry materials. These dry materials that build up in air ducts and dryer ducts can become a fire hazard, as they can easily ignite if ever touched with a spark. Much like checking the filter on your HVAC system, you should check your dryer vents each month to make sure they are clean and clear. Dryer vent cleaning services are available to help you stay on top of keeping your home safe and healthy.

In addition to the safety benefits of cleaning dryers and air ducts, there are health benefits to it as well. Having clean air ducts improves the air quality in your home. Likewise, having clean dryer ducts enhances the quality of the work your dryer can do.

Just as visible surfaces such as floors and countertops get dirty and need quality cleaning, the less noticeable surfaces inside your dryer and HVAC systems must also be cleaned to keep your home healthy.

Regularly drying your clothes in the dryer and using heating and cooling systems cause your ducts to get dirty. Your dryer and air ducts collect dust, germs, and pollutants brought into your house and float around in the air. Over time, your ductwork collects large amounts of dust and grime. When your heating and cooling system blows air through uncleaned vents, this dirt comes out with it, often gathering on fibers in your carpet and upholstery, or in the case of a dryer, onto your freshly cleaned clothes. Filters need to be replaced, and air vent cleaning becomes necessary to prevent nasties from being released back into your indoor air for you to breathe.

A Clean Home
Starts with Clean Air

How can you know if your duct work needs cleaning? Take a look at the edges of your carpets. If you see black lines along the edges, that's usually a sign your air ducts are in need of a cleaning.

Dust and dirt can collect in the air ducts in your home over time. When you use your heating or cooling system, air isn't the only thing that travels through the ducts. The dust and dirt comes out too, collecting on your carpet and other fabrics in the home. Those black lines you see are called carbon filtration. Cleaning your duct work is the first step to a truly cleaner home and cleaner air.

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Stay Healthy
With Cleaner Indoor Air

As much as 20 percent of Americans are allergic to particles that are found in the air inside many homes, leading to allergies and asthma. But to get your Cincinnati home's air its cleanest, you'll need more than basic brushing and dusting to thoroughly remove the dander, dust and other harmful substances that can be lurking in your duct work. The Zerorez® process is one of the most advanced duct cleaning processes out there. We'll do more than just clean your home's air ducts, we'll also install an air purification and filtration system at the same time.

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