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Vacuum Cleaners: How They Have Changed over the Years

Vacuum Cleaners: How They Have Changed over the Years

Our modern day appliances are something we often take for granted. Each year, we upgrade our technology and constantly search for the best the market has to offer. But where did these appliances start? And when? In the case of the vacuum, there is a long history that might surprise you.

Big Beginnings

The first vacuum invented is credited to Hubert Cecil Booth. It was so large that it was actually pulled by horses. Hoses were attached that were put into people's homes, which obviously drew a lot of attention from the street. This kind of service was quite limited to the wealthy at the time, which made vacuuming a luxury. Thankfully, we have come a long way.

As vacuums became more accessible and user-friendly, it served as a way to liberate women who, at the time, were very much in charge of taking care of cleaning the house. With this new and quick way of tidying, women were given more time in the day.

Robot Vacuums

The first robot vacuums hit the scene in as early as 1997, but they were not instantly popular. Over the years, the technology has improved massively. Now robot vacuums know their home base, can be programmed to begin at different times in the day, have sensors to avoid bumping into furniture, and actually do a decent job of picking up the dirt and crumbs on your floor. While no technology is perfect, robot vacuums have come a long way in making a monotonous chore feel more convenient.

More Advancements

As time has gone on, many different manufacturers have created many models that serve different purposes or functions, come in different sizes, and some to serve aesthetic purposes. The first Dyson was invented back in 1983 by James Dyson, and since then it has become one of the more famous brands to choose from.

Some vacuum cleaners have the ability to work well on almost every surface. WIth different settings for carpet versus hardwood and more, people can clean effectively in many ways. While the general lifespan for a vacuum cleaner is around eight years, people often trade them out before that in order to get their hands on the latest technology.

Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning systems do not seem too far off from the horse and buggy system that vacuums first started as. At Zerorez®, we bring our vans to your home. Our vans are equipped with a high-power vacuum system that allows us to suck up most of the water that we use to clean your carpet, wood floors, or tile floors. These vacuums are much stronger than a conventional household vacuum cleaner, and the technology has only gotten better over time.

Our system consists of spraying your floors down with our alkalized water that has the cleaning power of soap without the sticky residue that follows. After spraying to lift dirt and grime that has been deeply embedded, we vacuum the dirty water to reveal beautiful, clean floors.

Take advantage of the new-age technology that Zerorez® has to offer, and make clean floors something attainable. Call Zerorez® to schedule your appointment today.