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How Regular Carpet Cleaning Can Save You Money

Carpets are Awesome… As Long as They are Clean

Let's cut to the chase; carpets can get disgusting. They can become home to dust mites and allergens, amongst other nasties. If you don't clean them regularly, that dirt and gunk can build up and cause respiratory problems, allergies, and asthma attacks. Build-up can be worse if you have pets running around on the carpet all day, as they can make… well, what all living things make, and you and your carpets don't like that. At some point, your carpet is going to give, and a replacement is going to be required, and that is not cheap. But, what if I told you you could extend the lifetime of your carpet drastically just by having it cleaned regularly with Zerorez®?

Your carpet is like a delicate cloth in need of care and attention. If you don't take proper measures to clean it, all the nasties we discussed earlier can get stuck deep within the fibers, making them wear out much faster than they should! Dirt is dangerous for your carpet because it can cause it to wear out prematurely. To extend the lifespan of your carpet, carpet cleanings are recommended about every 12 months.

Let's create a scenario so we can see this… Math time! (if you hated word problems as a kid, feel free to skip to the breakdown).

So, How Much Does Carpet Replacement Cost?

Carpet could last twice as long when cleaned annually (check out this video simulating six months of wear and tear and how our cleaning performed on it), but we'll be conservative: The carpet warranty is often 5 to 10 years. To get to that 10-year mark, you usually need to have the carpet cleaned regularly by a professional, but let's say you don't, and it lasts 10 years. Let's say cleaning your carpet once a year can extend that by only 50% (it's probably more, but life happens). That's 5 more years. We'll also give an option for adding premium services, like regular protectant and bio treatments for those accidents that are bound to show up.

Now let's break down the costs associated with removing and replacing carpet. Carpet can vary widely in price. Since we are assuming a 10-year life span with no carpet cleaning we can assume the carpet is of good quality (keep in mind premium carpet can be$10+ per sqft). We'll go with $4 per square foot. Then there is the cost to install. Be aware that you can sometimes get this "free" but you'll notice the cost of other aspects of the replacement go up in price. $3 is about right. Then there is the cost of removing and disposing of your old carpet. About $2 per square foot there. And don't forget the headache of actually getting all this setup and dealing with your house all ripped up for a few days (priceless). So in total $9 per sqft in replacement costs.

On a 2500 square foot home with only 1250 square feet of carpet at $9 a square foot, you are looking at an $11,250 replacement cost. General carpet cleaning will be around $245 per year (extending the life by 5 more years), and premium services at about $360 per year (extending the life by 10 more years).

Here is the Summary and Cost Savings!

Estimated Breakdown:

Factors: 2500 sqft home, 1250sqft carpet, $9 sqft replacement:

No carpet cleaning
$11,250 replacement/10 years until replacement = $1125 per year carpet cost and pretty gross

Annual Carpet Cleaning
($11,250/15 years until replacement) + ($245 Carpet cleaning cost) = $995 per year carpet cost and nice and clean!

Annual Carpet Cleaning with Premium Services
($11,250/20 years until replacement) + ($360 Carpet cleaning cost) = $922.50 per year carpet cost. Plus your carpet is clean, protected, and many accidents are taken care of!

Keep in mind that this is not taking in factors like a larger home, more expensive carpet, children and pet accidents, your carpet actually lasting longer than 5 more years (20 is possible if you have better quality carpet to begin with, and you clean it regularly with Zerorez®). All these factors actually make these savings greater!

What About Cheap Carpet Cleaning?

So why not just use cheap cleaners to save more money? Here is the kicker on that one: Cheap carpet cleaning can actually do more damage than good to your carpet! When residues like soap, shampoo, and detergent are put into your carpet, it will be impossible to remove those surfactants entirely. Over time they can attract dirt to your carpets, which can cause more damage! Your carpets begin to get dirtier faster, and a vicious cycle of needing to clean more often can occur. So don't settle for these options!

Bottom Line - Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Services Can Save You Money!

You'll find that when you have your carpets cleaned regularly—by Zerorez® professionals who have our Zr Clean™️ technology (which includes our no residue Zr Water™) backing them up—your carpets will stay cleaner longer, are more likely to last longer, and won't need to be cleaned as much in the long run. That means saving money!