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Don’t Forget About Cleaning Your Shower Tiles

Don’t Forget About Cleaning Your Shower Tiles

What happens if you forget about cleaning your bathroom shower tiles? If you use the shower every day, does that give your tiles a good enough rinse that you wouldn't need to put in any extra effort? Or what if you don't even use your shower? If the shower is never used, then it never needs to be cleaned, right? Wrong! There are many conveniences about having tile in your bathroom shower, but cleaning them is always a must if you want a clean house. First, let's talk about the pros of using tile in your bathroom. Then, we will cover why it is essential to keep shower tiles clean and how you can keep your shower tiles a smooth, clean, and hygienic surface.

Pros of Using Bathroom Shower Tile

One of the biggest sellers of bathroom shower tile is the fact that it is water-resistant. The moist, wet, damp, and humid environment that the functions of a bathroom call for an essential need of water-resistant surfaces. Because tile is so hard and durable, it makes a perfect surface for your bathroom shower. In addition to being water-resistant, bathroom shower tile is generally easy to clean if you keep up a cleaning routine. People also love choosing bathroom shower tile for their home because it is attractive. Shower tiles come in all sizes and colors and can be placed to make a beautiful pattern or even picture. Some popular designs that have been created include shower waterfall tile, a checkered surface, or stripes. But if patterns and colors aren't for you, there is always the option of going with plain white shower tile.

Reasons Not to Forget to Clean Shower Tiles

Contrary to popular belief, bathroom tile and grout are water-resistant, but not completely waterproof. This means that water can seep through the surface and potentially cause damage if not taken care of correctly. The most frequent damage seen on bathroom tile is mold. Because your shower walls receive so much moisture each day, it is crucial that you keep your tiles clean to prevent mold from forming.

If you go about your week, month, or year and forget to clean your shower tile, it can become potentially dangerous. As grime and build up forms on the surface of the shower tile flooring, it can become slippery when wet. Not cleaning your shower tile for an extended period of time can also be dangerous as mold, mildew, or bacteria form. Protect yourself and your family by taking the time to keep your shower tiles clean!

The Best Way to Clean Shower Tile and Grout

If you are serious about giving your shower a proper, thorough, and safe cleaning, Zerorez® has the best solution. Here at Zerorez® Cincinnati, we use green technology to protect your home, family members, and the environment. Instead of using soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals like many other cleaning companies, our patented cleaning system uses Zr Clean™️. This water cleans more powerfully than soaps or chemicals yet is safe enough to drink! Using this green technology, we clean away the unwanted mold and mildew on your shower tile and grout, all while creating the safest environment for you and your family. Let Zerorez® Cincinnati make your life easier by scheduling an appointment with us to come and give your shower floor tiles and shower wall tiles and grout the proper cleaning they have been silently begging you for.