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Carpet Spots & Spills

Carpet Spots & Spills

Spots and spills are inevitable… they happen to all of us! All stains are different, which makes cleaning them a little tricky. Not only do stains need specific treatment based on what was spilled, but your carpet type also needs to be examined. Carpets vary in different styles and durability. Your carpet also has delicate fibers that can get ruined easily if you smear it with the wrong cleaning agent. Home remedies can end up ruining your carpet, making the stains look bigger and brighter than before. The best way to treat spills and stains is to understand the nature of the spill, how long it has been there, and what kind of carpet you have.

Different Types of Stains

Carpet stains come in all shapes and sizes because they can come from many different substances. No one stain is like another, therefore they should each be cleaned and treated differently. For example, a pet stain should not be treated the same as a salad dressing stain. The most common spills are:

  • Water-Soluble Stains

    • Water-soluble stains include spills from soda, alcohol, fruit, etc.

  • Protein-Based Stains/ Biological Contaminants

    • Protein-based stains include blood, dairy, bodily fluids, meat, etc.

  • Fat and oil-based stains

    • Oil-based stains include cooking grease, salad dressing, lipstick, etc

  • Pet Odor Stains

  • Wine Stains.

  • Wax

  • Gum

  • Dirt

  • Snow slush

  • Hard candy, etc.

Tips for Common Spills and Stains

Spills and stains are bound to happen, and they are a nuisance to remove. Stains and spots absorb into your carpet, and deeply embed themselves into the fibers. Keep in mind that when you use soaps, detergents, or other cleaning agents, you are bound to end up with residue in your carpet. Dirt and other substances stick to the residue, creating more dark spots on your carpet.

But we get it, sometimes you can't get Zerorez® over to your home immediately and you have to respond fast to the stain. Given the different kinds of stains and carpet we have to work with, below are 8 simple suggestions to help you with those annoying stains!

1- Act Quickly

Pick up or vacuum solids. The quicker they are off the floor, the better! For liquids, act quickly and dab (don't rub) with a washcloth and to keep them from becoming soaking deep into your carpet.

2- Perform a Clean Test

Just like we mentioned before, carpets are made of all different materials. Some may respond differently to certain types of stain cleaners than others. The first general piece of advice is to test the stain remover product on a small, hidden area of the carpet. Many times, using cleaning products that you are not familiar with can lead to more stains and discoloration than you had even before. Be sure to follow the cleaning agent manufacturer's instructions as best as you possibly can. Once the cleaner and the carpet have passed the cleaning test, you can apply the product to the spot and rub it lightly in circular motions.

3- Old Spots

Although it is best to treat stains as quickly as possible, we may still end up with a few old stains that we want to get rid of. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing at the stain. Rubbing pushes stains deeper into your carpet, and scrubbing can ruin your carpet fibers. Avoid using bleach or other chemicals without thoroughly testing and paying attention to the manufacturer's instructions.

4- Oil Spots

Oil and grease stains are some of the most notorious stains to remove because they deflect water. The key is to try and soak up the excess oil as quickly as possible, because the longer it stays in your carpet, the harder it will be to remove. Usually, the best way to get rid of these stains is to call a professional at Zerorez®! Should you decide to tackle the issue on your own first, you can apply dishwashing soap to the oil spot. Dab the area with a dampened cloth and some dish cleaner.

5- Blood

Blood and other biological contaminants are extremely tricky to remove. You can try ammonia on the area, and dab softly with a washcloth. Dish soap may also work with a damp washcloth. Be careful not to use harmful chemicals that can end up leaving residue behind in your carpet.

6- Wax

Another annoying stain that clings to carpet fibers is wax. To help lift wax, place paper towels over the stain. Then place a warm (not hot) iron or pan on top of the paper towels. This will help soften the wax, helping it to stick to the paper towels.

7- Fruit Juices

All different kinds of juices contain high amounts of acid and intense coloring or dye. These two factors combined make fruit spills and stains everyone's least favorite stain. If the mess is fresh, soak and dab at the juice spot with a washcloth. The spot can then be treated with a little bit of club soda or baking soda. If the stain is not lifted after this, or if it is an older stain, it will require professional cleaning from Zerorez®.

8- Wine Spots

Similar to fruit juices, red wine contains a lot of acidities and bright coloring. Avoid rubbing at the spill, as it will push it deeper into your carpet. Dab and soak with a washcloth to avoid any further soaking into your carpet. Then, try club soda or baking soda on fresh stains. Just like fruit juices, if those don't work, the wine stain may require a Zerorez® professional in order for the spot to be remedied.

The Best Carpet Cleaning and Spot Removal

We understand how daunting carpet spills can be. Here at Zerorez®, we know all about carpet and stains so that you do not have to! Our technicians are professionally trained to treat those bothersome spots on your carpet.

Zerorez® is different from most traditional carpet cleaners. Our unique cleaning process sets us apart because of our ability to clean carpets without any soaps, detergents, or harmful chemicals. Instead, our professional technicians clean with Zr Clean™️. This powerful cleaning agent is enhanced water that has been electrolyzed and oxidized, making it the perfect carpet cleaner! This revolutionary cleaning solution leaves behind Zero Residue®. It is safe for the environment, your pets, and your kids. Our carpet dries up to 2x faster than our competitors, so you can resume your normal activities soon after your appointment.

When it comes to keeping your carpet clean and fresh, Zerorez® is your safest bet!