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Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Considering doing some deep cleaning throughout your home? One place that may not have immediately come to mind is your air ducts. Usually deep cleaning consists of having your carpets cleaned or having your furniture upholstery disinfected, but you you’d be surprised to find that there are many germs that hide out in your furnace’s air duct system. Not having this space cleaned out can send dirt and other materials travelling throughout your home—undoing all of your deep cleaning work. Here are six benefits to having an air duct cleaning by having a Zerorez® pro come out and clean your home’s duct work.

Improved Air Quality

When a Zerorez® professional comes out and cleans the duct work, you’ll probably notice a change in how easy it is to breathe in the air. Throughout the spring and summer months, your home’s air conditioning unit draws in air from outside. Even if you have filters on your furnace and your unit is clean, pollen, plant material and other foreign debris can seep through. These materials reach into each room in your home and into your lungs. Clean air ducts equal improved air quality overall.

Health Benefits

The team at Zerorez® uses a safe and effective method to clean your dusty ducts. The extraction machine utilizes a sealed vacuum system that gets into all of the nooks and crannies of the duct work. The debris is safely removed from your home and discarded. If you suffer from breathing problems such as asthma, allergies or other respiratory ailments, you may start to see a significant decrease in your symptoms right away.

Boost HVAC Efficiency

Once the built up dust and dirt blockages are removed from the duct system, your furnace equipment won’t have to work as hard. The result is a boost in how effectively your furnace performs—resulting in lower energy costs overall. Your air conditioning unit uses a separate condenser and motor unit alongside your furnace to operate. Though, air will still move through the ductwork much easier, enhancing the performance of your AC unit.

Removal Of Pests

Even if you don’t notice it on a regular basis, no matter how clean your Atlanta area home may be, bugs and critters can still seek refuge within your duct work. It’s a warm place for ants, spiders and mice to hibernate, but often becomes their final resting place as well. Air duct cleaning will suck out this debris and make the entire space smell fresh and look cleaner.

Odor Elimination

Smoke, chemical buildup and outdoor pollution can all make its way into your home’s air duct system. Once the debris is removed, Zerorez® pros will disinfect the entire area with an Empowered Water™mist. This helps seal your ducts and eliminate any viruses, bacteria and germs that are lurking around.

Dust Control

Eliminating the irritating symptoms of allergies, including hay fever, congestion and watery eyes is important for every allergy sufferer. Dust, including pet dander and hair can contribute to allergies. One way to truly clear the air you breathe is to have these and other allergens removed from your home before they blow through your duct work. Dust control can be achieved with a professional duct cleaning from Zerorez®.

For a safe and all natural deep cleaning alternative, the team at Zerorez® is ready to help you breathe easier with a professional airduct cleaning.

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